The Alzheimer’s Association will be hosting an event at the Pizza Hut on North Main in El Dorado called “The Walk to End Alzheimer’s” from Team Mom & Dad all day on Tuesday, Oct. 10. The sponsoring team, Team Mom & Dad, are family members of Larry Patton, who passed away in April 2017, after struggling with severe to end stages of the Alzheimer’s Disease for a few years. The team also represents the family of Anna Hoffmann, who is currently struggling with the effects of this disabling disease. After going through the pain of watching their loved ones disappear in personality, memory, passions, hobbies, and health. From that, team Mom & Dad was born.

Anyone interested can bring a coupon or mention the fundraiser to allow a portion of any sale get donated to the Alzheimer’s Association. Coupons can be found in various locations around town.