Council approves restrooms at Garvin Park

Augusta’s City Council reviewed and approved the 2016 audit at Monday’s regular meeting.  The annual audit is an important part of the city's financial transparency to its residents and tax-payers.
The auditor's job is to go through the expenditures and compare them to the spending approvals and budget allocations to make sure they line up.  Eric Meyer with George, Bowerman & Noel P.A., explained to Council that the audit showed no violations or possible violations of budget ordinances, laws and regulations, terms of contractual agreements, tax or debt limits, or any related debt covenants.
Council approved the audit, 6-0, with councilors Ron Reavis and Paul Belt absent from the meeting.
Councilman Justin Londagin recognized City Clerk Erica Jones, “I also want to thank Erica for all of her work.  Good job.”
Bids approved
Following several months of working on the design of two public restrooms to be constructed in Garvin Park, council members were presented bids and were able to move forward.
City Council had asked staff to proceed with a metal restroom/concession building near the baseball complex, and a concrete structure between the playground and the community stage.
“This is a culmination of months of work.  We were pleased to receive bids from seven contractors,” Assitant City Manager Cody Sims stated before explaining the bid items.
Along with the base bid, which did not include any window coverings for the concession stand or soil re-conditioning, there were three alternate bid items included.
* Provides funding to install a coiling counter door on both customer windows at the concession stand, which will provide ample serving space and add additional security to the building. (named Option 1)
* Dry subgrade condition:  excavate to approximately 62 inches below finish floor elevation and re-condition soil in accordance with construction specs and geotechnical report.  (Option 3)
* Furnish and install pass-thru window at concession stand and complete with all miscellaneous items of work as shown and/or specified, or as otherwise required for completing work installation. (Option 5)
Sims advised, “If the soil test comes back good, then we won’t need that option, be it will be available if needed.”
Sauerwein Construction was the low bidder at a total of $651,500;
Base bid - $629,800
Option 1 - $6,900
Option 3 - $6,700
Option 5 - $8,100
If the soil re-conditioning is not required, then Option 3 will not be utilized and the cost of the project will be $644,800.
Council approved the base bid and three options, 5-1, with Councilman Cale Magruder voting against the issue.
“I’m on record voting no, I think we’re missing the multi-purposes that this building could be used for,” he said.
Before adjourning to an executive session to discuss a personnel matter, councilors were reminded of a work session scheduled at 6 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 9, at city hall to discuss the public works building project.