Chuck McGuire, 13th District Community Corrections director, met with the Butler County Board of Commissioners at the meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 26 to give a FY2017 Kansas Department of Corrections (KDOC) end-of-year report for supervision of the adult offenders. In his report, McGuire mentioned reaching out to KDOC for a fidelity study on the district's community corrections.

"We've asked the department of corrections to come down for several years now and do, really, basically, a fidelity study to make sure we're doing what we should be doing in their estimation. Once again, they were unable to do that again this year. They just don't have the staff – they're understaffed. They really are. And they've got bigger fish to fry, really, than us .... It's not that they ignore us, but they do what they can," McGuire said.

KDOC did provide some training and refresher courses for 13th District Community Corrections officers, though.

A goal for 13th District Community Corrections was to achieve a minimum of a 75-percent successful discharge rate in FY2017 (year ending June 30, 2017).

"The biggest thing is the 75-percent success rate. That's what they're looking at – bottom line. We met that again .... So in total, 232 new offenders last year is what was assigned to us. It's up just a little – not much. We had a little over 200 the previous year. That's one good thing about our district: the numbers. They might increase a little, they might decrease a little – but they're pretty steady. It's pretty even-line. Discharges – we had 112 .... So, 21 total unsuccessful discharges of 112. So that led us to an 81-percent success rate," McGuire said.

The board of commissioners approved the report.

Afterward, Finance Director and Assistant County Administrator Ryan Adkison addressed the board with a request to award Mail Services, LLC the bid for bulk printing and mailing services used by Butler County. The board of commissioners approved the bid award and the related, four-year contract for the services. The amount of the bid awarded to Mail Services is about $53,000 annually. In comparison, the county has been paying around $80,000 annually for bulk printing and mailing services.

Earlier in the meeting, Community Development Director David Alfaro brought to the board of commissioners a request by Phyllis Moore Revocable Trust to rezone approximately 59, plus or minus, acres from an AG-40 agricultural classification to a rural residential (RR) classification. The property is located at 3842 SW Santa Fe Lake Road in Towanda, and the rezoning will allow for the construction of a new single-family residence, on 10 acres, on the north side of the hedge row that separates the property north-to-south. The board approved the rezoning.

Later, the board of commissioners opened proposals for financial advisory services to refund PBC Refunding Revenue Bonds, Series 2005. They received two bids – one from Columbia Capital Municipal Advisors of Overland Park, Kan. and another from Springsted, Inc. of Kansas City, Mo. Prices are still negotiable. The board moved to accept the bids and recommended that staff evaluate, tabulate and bring back a recommendation at some point in the future.

In other items of business, the board of commissioners gave consensus to include their names in a letter of support for locating a Tyson Foods chicken processing facility in the region. The facility was turned down in Tonganoxie. Butler County itself doesn't have any sites to accommodate the facility, but the facility could be located somewhere nearby in the region.

At another point in the meeting, Alfaro brought another rezone request to the board of commissioners. He explained that David Stackley owns a tract of land containing 159, plus or minus, acres, located north on Highway 77 between NE 85th St. and NE 75th St. in Lincoln Township and is requesting to rezone the 159, plus or minus, acres from an AG-80 agricultural classification to a PRD-B classification. This would allow Stackley to develop approximately 52 acres of the land into 10, 1.5-acre home sites. Multiple Butler County residents and constituents spoke before the board expressing their agreement or disagreement with the rezoning and home sites development for various reasons. Ultimately, the board moved to table the rezone request for three weeks until Tuesday, Oct. 17 to allow Lincoln Township to research the matter and bring their findings to the county commission. The county's planning and zoning department had previously failed to notify the township of the potential rezoning and accompanying developments. The board also tabled the subsequent item of business until Oct. 17 as well – a preliminary plat for Flint Hills Equestrian Estates Subdivision. The subdivision would contain Stackley's home sites.

After a five-minute break, Alfaro brought a conditional use permit (CUP) request from Renaissance Recovery, LLC and Vicki Hunt to the board of commissioners. Renaissance Recovery and Hunt want to open a corporate rehabilitation and recovery facility for substance abuse on approximately 73, plus or minus, acres located at 12621 SW 80th St. in Andover. The property is currently and zoned RR. Hunt has owned the property for years and had horse stables that allowed horse owners the opportunity to stable their horses there. Hunt is merely proposing to sell the property and allow for the rehab facility to begin operations. The facility would incorporate equestrian therapy, hands-on wood working therapy and other tactile activities. Some of Hunt's neighbors signed a petition to deny the request due to the nature of clientele who would be at the rehab facility; they do not desire a rehab facility in their proximity. In light of the petition, the county planning board recommended denying the request as well. The board of county commissioners then followed suit in denying it.