The lanterns were filling and glowing, and soon after, they were floating. Thousands of people came out to El Dorado Lake Saturday night to take part in the third annual Lantern Festival, where people lit small flames to warm up and expand their lanterns like mini hot-air balloons. Then, (mostly) all at once, all the lanterns were released and filled the night sky with a beautiful glow. People all around the area watched and adored as the lights were strong before slowly drifting and fading away.

The Lantern Fest had plenty of other fun activities going on, as well. The local band Big Fat Fun gave a strong performance at the main act of their concert. They played several classic covers, particularly hitting on the 80s genres and hits.

Earlier in the evening, kids and adults got to check out the giant blow-up balloon statue and take pictures in front of it. There were a couple of food trucks there, and the items needed to make s’mores were provided as people would roast marshmellows over one of the many fire pits set up throughout the campground.

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