In a shortened meeting with Vince Haines on a mayoral trip, the El Dorado City Commission passed one major motion, which was to allow Daniel Wernert to serve as the municipal prosecutor. The motion passed, and his contract will be effective Monday, Sept. 25.

The contract was set up for a one-year period, after which the city will have the ability to evaluate and possibly extend the deal to a three-year contract. His duties will remain what the position has had for a long time. His pay will be $3,150 per month, which is less than what the City currently pays ($37,800 per year for the position). City Manager David Dillner said that changing the short-term nature of the previous contract will end up saving the City around $25,000 in the long run.

During the reports portion of the meeting, Dillner mentioned that there has been progress on hiring two new firefighers as two conditional contracts have been offered; they are pending a drug test and other procedures.

Dillner also said that the Administration Department will be closing the Customer Service window at 4 p.m. on the fourth Monday of each month for the purpose of training and coordination of activities. Dillner added that the schedule is open to be changed if it causes too much inconvenience to the public.

Dillner added that solar panels are getting installed on the Engineering Building, a process that is nearing completion.

Commissioner Nick Badwey urged the City to allow for a workshop for events or projects with other entities, such as Sports Authorities, to clarify the role all involved parties might have, such as which entities shoulder what costs.