Popular author Jefferson Knapp has seen in creasing success since 2010, when he released his first book “A Brave New Journey”, the first in a six book series.

In addition to writing, Knapp formed his own publishing company, Kraken Books, Ltd., and he tours the country speaking to school kids about following their dreams, along with sharing the story and characters of “The Kingdom at the End of the Driveway” series. The popular books are for readers of all ages and includes familiar locations in Butler County. Illustrations by award-winning Tim Ladwig are the icing on the cake for the series fans.

Last year Knapp co-authored a book with popular WSU basketball player Ron Baker, and along with illustrator Briana Ladwig, produced “You’re Too Big to Dream Small.” The children’s book tells the story of a young boy who watched basketball on television and dreamed of becoming a player. He achieves his dream, mainly because he believes in himself.

On the heels of Baker’s popular book, Knapp wondered about more stories from athletes.

“My stepson Josh attends K-State and is the band. I’ve learned that K-State fans are one big family. That’s just how it is,” he continued, “I asked Josh if there were any K-State athletes to consider for a book and he simply pointed out that Bill Snyder is at K-State. Of course! The coach was an obvious choice.”

Knapp sent a package to Snyder containing a hand-written letter, story ideas and copies of Knapp’s books. Snyder responded soon after thanking Knapp and that he would like to hear more about the book idea.

“I was so excited! I sent more ideas. But that was about the time his battle with throat cancer began,” he added,“I sent him a letter telling him that he was in my family’s prayers.”

When Snyder contacted Knapp the next time, he apologized for taking so long to get back concerning the book.

“He loved the idea of including his 16 goals of success that his players live by, and he liked the idea of a children’s book,” Knapp said.

Snyder’s secretary contacted Knapp and advised him that Snyder would like to meet him and his family. Knapp, his wife, four-year-old daughter, and Josh, the K-State student, went to the coach’s office and presented the layout and illustrations.

“When he smiled, I knew it was right. It was a great moment,” Knapp added, “He’s so nice and respectful - he makes you feel important and part of a family.”

Copies of “Take It From Me” can be pre-ordered and will ship the first of October. Order your first edition at: www.krakenbooks.com, or call 316-308-6945.