Optimal Wireless LLC had a ribbon-cutting ceremony at 11:45 a.m. on Friday, September 1 to commemorate new ownership and management.

Formerly Touch Wireless, the Cricket Wireless retailer changed its name to Optimal Wireless on July 11 after the ownership and management changed. The previous owner, Greg Finley of Missouri, sold the store to Donald and Tammy Vance of Texas.

The transition has been good for the business. According to manager Luz Maldonado, more customers have come in the door at Optimal Wireless now, and customer service has improved. This has led to a 100-percent willingness-to-recommend from customers so far – a first for the store – and good sales, too.

Optimal Wireless sells pre-paid phones, with Cricket as the service provider. As part of the store's opening with the new name, they're offering a limited-time deal for a couple months. Until November 2, customers can get two lines for $80 per month with a $25 activation fee. Unlimited talk, text and web are included.

Maldonado wants to to see Optimal Wireless thrive in the El Dorado community.

"[I'd like] more business for El Dorado residents. I am willing to do partnerships with other businesses if they're wanting to do so," she said.