The new Twisted Too Moto Art Gallery

 Augusta’s Twisted Oz Motorcycle Museum has become a destination for motorcycle and museum enthusiasts.  Since the opening in 2016, the museum has hosted 16,000 visitors with 17 countries represented.  The local museum has been featured in six magazines and interest continues to grow.
“We had some visitors who heard about the museum while they were in Sturgis and they went out of their way going home to stop by here,”  local businessman and creator of the museum Kelly Modlin said.
The museum’s unique design transfigured an old welding and machine shop into an attractive 4,800-square -foot display area.  All sorts of repurposed architectural items have been used  throughout the facility.  Artisan touches, along with beautiful brick and stone work complete the experience.
The museum put Augusta on the map when it was an official stop of the famous Motorcycle Cannonball race in September of 2016.  Modlin and Bill Page, also of Augusta, were riders in the historic “Century Race.”  Riders and collectors from all around the world came to the museum to see the special motorcycles and meet the riders making the cross country trip.  
Recently the Twisted Too Moto Art Gallery opened adjacent to the museum.  The exhibit’s art will be devoted exclusively to vintage motorcycle, cars, trucks and toys with wheels.  
The new building features more repurposed items, along with new additions.
Modlin explained that the new display shelves situated on three of the four walls are salvaged safety grating from the wrecked train cars from the recent train derailment under the overpass in Augusta.
“They were cutting up the train cars for salvage and I asked if I could have the safety grating.  It works great for this purpose,” said Modlin.
Amazing art work by Justin “Juice” Cline is featured, along with innovative metal art by John Hogan.
Murals are being painted on the walls, reflecting the gallery’s theme, and Modlin advised that local artists are encouraged to participate.  
“We’ll give them an idea and then turn them loose,” Modlin said.
The new museum wing will have a changing gallery of vintage motorcycles on display, as well.
Modlin and his group of volunteers have donated lots of time and energy to produce an amazing attraction for residents and visitors.
Visit the Twisted Oz Motorcycle Museum 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday.  You can find the museum on Facebook.