Tyler Norris opened Building 323 in downtown El Dorado with his father, Rod, in June.

"I, for the past few years now, have thought about doing a shared office space in El Dorado. Just 'cause I knew that it didn't exist in this kind of a capacity," Tyler said.

Building 323 is a shared office space at 323 N. Main St. in El Dorado, and it's the only one of its kind in the city. Currently, there are five semi-private work spaces at Building 323. Four are already in use, and Tyler expects the fifth space to be filled in the next couple weeks. There's also a conference table available for use in an open area.

"It provides a great stepping stone for people who want to get downtown but don't have the money or need the space to have a dedicated retailer office space downtown," Tyler said.

A work space at Building 323 is $325 per month. That price includes internet and utilities. When someone is occupying a work space at Building 323, they also get their company's name and logo on the storefront window.

Once all five spaces are filled, Tyler and Rod are going to put a couple more work spaces in – having a total of seven or eight. At that point, the conference table will be moved into a dedicated conference room. Tyler has thought about offering simple desk space for rent in the future as well, which would be around $125 or $150 per month if it happens.

Tyler and his parents have owned the building at 323 N. Main St. for about a decade. Charley's Appliance, formerly Young's Appliance, had used the building in the past. After Charley's Appliance moved out and relocated last summer, the Norrises began renovating the building's interior in October 2016. They finished the renovations in May 2017 and soon afterward decided to move forward with the shared office space idea.

"I keep telling everybody: this is kind of an experiment to see how it goes in El Dorado and see how well it's received. And so far, it's been great," Tyler said.

Tyler hopes Building 323 acts as a springboard for productivity and collaboration.

"I would love to see it filled up. I would love for it to be a collaborative environment. That was one of my main goals .... When you create an environment that has several different entrepreneurs or business people working together, there can just be some cool collaboration, I think, that naturally arises from that. And different concepts and things can come from that. You know, even different businesses can come from that. So that's what excites me the most. I love the thought of that, and that's always been, for years, kind of the reasoning as to why I wanted to give this a shot," Tyler said.