The middle school and high school have a snazzy new look

Douglass schools let out one day early at the end of last school year after the bond that was valued a little under $9 million passed.

No time could be wasted, either. About 150 construction workers stormed the town for the summer, which kept several local businesses plenty busy. They tirelessly worked throughout the hot months to tear down, rebuild, upgrade, refurnish and make vast improvements throughout both the middle school and high school buildings.

What turned into one of the coolest new room is the library, which got completely remodeled. There’s a new hangout area that’s almost like a mini-pub; it has a fridge, microwave, cabinets and such, and there are a few round tables with chairs for kids to come enjoy a snack or a drink. There’s even a high-end dispensing machine that offers hot chocolate, coffee and other hot drinks for just $1 apiece.

“The goal isn’t to get money, it’s to get traffic,” said assistant principal and athletic director Jason Menard.

Menard pointed out that there are plenty of areas for kids to study and work in peace and quiet, as well. In the library and throughout the campuses are these small areas he calls “Think Tanks,” which can serve as places for students to mingle, work together on projects and even utilize TV screens by connecting their Mac laptops to them. Certain Think Tank spots are separated in room while some are off to the side of walkways.

The staff and administration areas got shifted around quite a bit. There are newer walls, office are rearranged and even some windows are added. An office was added near the north entrance by the gyms, which now includes a security lock. There also is a new kitchen area and bathrooms.

The science rooms were completely gutted and redone. There’s a new structured learning program room that teaches life skills such as laundry, following recipes and such.

The home-ec room now has new stainless steel cabinets, stovetops, a stainless steel food warmer and a stainless steel oven griddle.

There also was some other construction done that was necessarily funded by the recent bond, itself. The smaller middle school gym by the varsity gym got a facelift as new wooden floors were installed. The lines and logo all match the high school’s floor (the only real difference is the wording). New lights and a new heating and air system were installed, as well, which give the gym a brand, new feel. Walls also were put up behind the stands, which gives the wrestling room in the upstairs portion of that gym more privacy. There also were several improvements made to the elementary school in Douglass, too.