During the public comments segment of Tuesday's meeting, Community Development Director David Alfaro brought two problematic situations to the commissioners' attention. First, he mentioned that Industrial Plastics Solutions (IPS) of El Dorado has possibly been infringing upon the implications of their 2009 conditional use permit (CUP). Alfaro sent a letter – not for the first time – to IPS Owner Brian Riley on February 2, notifying Riley of Alfaro's concerns. However, Riley still hasn't done anything to resolve the problems Alfaro pointed out in the letter. The commissioners discussed the possibility of setting a public hearing to revoke the company's CUP. The second situation Alfaro brought to the commissioners' attention was an El Dorado man raising pythons, the largest of which is 12 to 14 feet long. The resident is selling them out of state and raising 3,000 rats and mice to feed the pythons and sell, too. Alfaro said the man wants to do what's right by city and county regulations, if possible. The state has been made aware of the situation.

In the other items of business part of the meeting, County Administrator Will Johnson informed the commissioners that Butler County Juvenile Services Director Chuck McGuire will retire this fall – possibly at the end of November.

"Really, there's two options for that department. One, we continue down the same path and recruit and hire a director and keep operating the same way. Or, we look at consolidating it with JJA [Juvenile Justice Administration] and combining those two departments, similar to what the State of Kansas has done with those functions. JJA used to be a separate function and has now been rolled in with the community corrections process within the department of corrections. So, I have a good idea of which direction we're going – probably towards consolidation. [There are] a lot of details to work out," Johnson said.

Johnson added that there is a willing department head at this point for consolidation.

Before the meeting adjourned, Johnson explained that an inmate bus with a blown engine will have its engine rebuilt. The total repairs cost just under $21,000, which will be paid by Wildlife and Parks, the City of El Dorado and Butler County. The county will pay $6,931 of that cost. Johnson said that the bus should have a long life after the engine is rebuilt.

Earlier in the meeting, Chief Information Officer Scott Stoskopf led a work session reviewing the Granicus commission video used to record and play video and audio of the county commission meetings. It has live capability. Stoskopf was looking at the videos for errors and quality to determine if the system is ready to be released on the Butler County website. He'll continue to work out some kinks and user difficulty issues in the overall Granicus system used by the county.