What you need to know: “Fight The Famine”

The United Nations has stated that the famine in Africa is the worst humanitarian crisis since WWII. More than 20 million people in at least four countries in Africa are starving. Numana is hosting food-packing events throughout the country to help send food there, including in El Dorado Saturday.

In the midst of a terrible famine in Africa, Numana, Inc. is stepping up to feed the hungry again.

The non-profit organization that has been reaching out to the hungry since 2008 is at it again as it will be hosting the “Fight The Famine” food-packing event from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. this Saturday, Aug. 19 at the 4-H Butler Community Building in Downtown El Dorado. Anyone interested in volunteering is encouraged to sign up for two-hour shifts as thousands of meals are expected to be packaged.

Reports suggest that more than 16 million people are on the brink of starvation in several countries in Africa. Not only do they food and water, but they are in need of medical treatment, as well. That isn’t to mention the times certain areas are declared in a state of emergency and dealing with military conflicts.

The drought is affecting nearly 1 million kids, who are severely malnourished. Numana meals consist of rice, soy protein, freeze-dried, pinto beans and a blend of vitamins and minerals targeted to help the immune system of malnourished people. These ingredients are measured into bags, weighed, sealed, boxed, and prepared for shipment at our events.

The cost of each life-sustaining meal is only 30 cents. This includes all of the ingredients, packaging, administration, and international shipping of the container. All donations are welcome.

So far Numana events have benefited children and families in the United States, Haiti, Vietnam, Malawi, El Salvador, Honduras, Colombia, South Africa, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, and Liberia. As far as the event Saturday, Numana events welcome people of all ages and backgrounds. The event provides a hands-on project in which almost any age or skill level can participate. It builds unity in a community, facilitates leadership development and educates people about hunger issues and engages advocacy.