More from this week's Council meeting

 In keeping with the 2014-2018 Strategic Plan for Augusta, the City Council continues working to eliminate nuisance violations throughout the community.  
The property owner at 111 Main Street received a letter describing violations of “improper storage on the exterior of property of bricks, plastics, carpet, cans, totes, containers, a dilapidated garage, a dismantled appliance, rubbish, junk, and other items constituted as a nuisance.”  The letter provided notification that a formal order for removal and abatement was scheduled for action at Monday’s City Council meeting.  
The Council approved, 8-1, Resolution No. 2017-41 ordering the removal and abatement of nuisances within 10 days as specified by K.S.A. 12-1617e.
The demolition of a condemned detached residential garage located at 1117 N. School Street moved forward with the approval of the low bid received from ABC Demolition Service in the amount of $2,000. In July, the Council approved a resolution which found the structure unsafe and dangerous and ordered the property owner to obtain all necessary permits and begin the removal and/or repair of the garage before Aug. 7, 2017.  Contacting the owner by onsite visits and phone calls was unsuccessful, however, the owner did claim first class and certified mailings.  
Travis Combes, City Inspector, advised that the demolition crew is aware of the legally tagged vehicle sitting in the driveway.
Demolition at 347 E. Main Street
After granting extensions and delaying condemnation proceedings at 347 E. Main Street, the Council approved a resolution in July finding the structure unsafe and dangerous and ordered the property owner to commence removal and/or repair the structure before Aug. 7, 2017.  Staff requested bids from three demolition contractors, Alan’s Excavating, Butler County Backhoe, and ABC Demolition Services.  The bid award for demolition of the condemned structure went to the low bid received by Alan’s Excavating in the amount of $3,500.
Michael Huddleston is now listed as the current owner of the property.
Condemnations tabled
Further condemnation action on two properties, a garage at 244 E. 12th Street and a residential structure at 1205 N. Hooper Street, were tabled until Sept. 4, 2017.
Engineering agreements approved
Following an executive session, council members approved engineering service agreements with City Engineer Schwab Eaton for the following projects:
2017 Street Sales Tax - $6,100
East City Lake Road Paving - $6,100
State Revolving Loan Fund Sanitary Sewer Improvements - $9,400
Garvin Park Restrooms/Concession Project - $6,100.
Other matters
Before adjournment, Councilman Ron Reavis stated, “On behalf of the WFO Guys, I want to thank the community and City of Augusta for all the support in helping with another successful car show.  We were all having a good time until the rain.”