Peyton Madden thought he was just following a camera crew on his bike for a quick shoot for a documentary.

When he arrived at the El Dorado City Pool, though, he was floored by what he saw.

Hundreds of people of all ages were waiting to surprise Madden with the “Night Into Day” event. Though it was late Friday night, lights were set up all over the pool and courtyard area. There was a fire truck and a food truck. A group of kids held up a sign that read “Good Morning, Peyton” for him to see upon his arrival. El Dorado Mayor Vince Haines and Representative Mary Martha Good were in attendance. He even was escorted by American Legion motorcyclists.

Perhaps the most touching moment was when Peyton’s older sister Rylee sang a beautiful song while strumming a guitar for her little brother.

The night was all about Peyton, who has a rare allergy (nicknamed XP) to sunlight that can be fatally damaging. But on this night, he was able to ride his bike outside and later swim in the pool just like any other kid during the summer. He and his friends lined up at the edge and jumped in together after a countdown.

The event was put together by the National Organization for Rare Disorders