The Premier Living by Warden home plus facility in Towanda opened June 1 and admitted its first resident June 26. Since opening, the facility is also offering adult day care and already has someone signed up for it. This is the first and only formal adult day care program in Butler County.

"It could be a really valuable added service for caregivers who work," Brandi Warden, owner of Premier Living by Warden home plus facilities, said.

The home plus facility in Towanda has a maximum capacity of eight residents. For each vacancy, the facility has an open slot for adult day care throughout the week. Day care is available 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day, with no overnight stays, and it costs $20 per hour.

There are no blatant restrictions for adult day care. A person who would use the day care service would go through some assessments with Premier Living by Warden to determine his or her medical needs, and the Premier Living staff would go from there.

"They just have to be someone who needs supervision; it's for all levels .... If we can meet their needs, then we take them," Warden said.

The home plus facility would provide any assistance with ambulation and personal care during the individual's daytime stay. He or she would also be involved in the facility's day-to-day activities, such as crafts and exercises, along with the residents.

Home plus facilities started in the late 1990s. They differ from traditional assisted living and skilled nursing centers for two main reasons: they're designed to be smaller, more personal care facilities, and they have a lower employee-to-resident ratio.

"Basically, when you walk in, it looks like any other residential home," Warden said.

Warden mentioned she'd like to see Premier Living by Warden home plus facilities become a strong alternative to institutionalized assisted living facilities or nursing homes.

"It's just a much better alternative to a traditional nursing home," she said.

Warden's husband, Michael, also owns Premier Living by Warden home plus facilities. He was born and raised in Towanda, which led the couple to recognize the need for a home plus facility there. In the future, they'd like to expand to El Dorado as well. The Premier Living by Warden location in Towanda is the second home plus facility in the county. There are three Premier Living by Warden home plus facilities in Wichita.