Life didn’t take long to be unfair to Eli Jantz.

Jantz was just five weeks old when he was diagnosed with a liver disorder. It started out as Idiopathic Neonatal Hepatitis, but progressed to Pediatric End Stage Liver Disease. Needless to say, a transplant was needed.

But that can be a difficult process. He’s on the waiting list, but holds an inactive status due to the current stability of his liver. Now, his family, which lives in Benton, are asking for help.

“It is one of the most humbling and difficult things to ask people to help us raise money for the expenses surrounding Eli's care, but we have been advised and strongly feel like now is the time ask for help,” his parents Kelvin (Kelley) and Kristi Jantz say on their page.

They started a gofundme page for their son because their funds are, quite frankly, depleted. They received enough of the money to keep him on health insurance through the end of the month, but they estimate they will need about $50,000 to keep him insured through MEDICA, who will pay the brunt of the costs of the procedure and other expenses. Kelley said that Blue Cross paid out nearly $1 million last year, but they no longer have that type of medical plan to cover Eli anymore.

Though $50,000 is the minimal goal, they’re going to need even more funding for stuff that isn’t covered by insurance. Eli’s critical-care transport, for example, cost $17,000. Past medical bills as well as any travel, fuel and time off of work are not covered. Kelley already needs to start negotiating with hospitals to pay off the $15,000 in medical bills he’s already accumulated in recent months. Between specialized liquid medicine Eli needs because he’s only 2 and other medical expenses, not to mention the possible need to temporarily live in Kansas City, the Jantz family needs some serious help. Go to for more information and to look into opportunities to contribute.