After Monday night’s City Commission meeting, the commissioners were treated to a tour of the soon-to-be-open disc golf course near BG Stadium in El Dorado.

The commissioners rode golf carts around the 18-hole course to see the progress that has been made ahead the course’s official opening. There will be a soft opening within the next couple of weeks leading up to the grand opening Aug. 12.

For the most part, the bulk of the work has been completed by Dynamic Discs. A set of red and white baskets have been placed at the end of all 18 holes. The white baskets will be the amateur baskets while the red ones are the champion/pro level baskets, which are far more challenging. The course may be one of the toughest in the state.

At the beginning of each hole is a concrete area for the tee boxes, where the disc golfers send their first shot. Again, there will be two sets of pads varying in difficulty, one that’s for amateurs and the other for pros.

There are still a few constructions items getting worked on this week and next to finish up the course. The walking trail goes across a bridge at one point, and rails still need to be put on the sides of that. The flags still need to be placed above the baskets to make it easier to spot. The biggest hold-up is figuring out a way to lock the flags into place so passerbys can’t remove them.

In all, the course runs a total of 7,693 feet (using both pro tee boxes and pro baskets). The shortest distance on the course will be 4,908 feet. Hole 1 is just east of the south parking lot by the BG Sports Complex. The hole plays to the south. Hole 2 cuts east in between two small bodies of water.. Hole 3 cuts back west. Later on Hole 6 takes the course north. A majority of the back 9 go back and forth in an east-west direction getting closer to Central.