The Flinthills School District will have its regularly scheduled Board of Education Meeting at 7 p.m. Monday, July 17 in Rosalia. Below is the agenda for the meeting:

1. Call to Order

2. Flag Salute

3. Reading of Vision Statement

4. Approve the Agenda

5. Elect Board President

6. Elect Vice President

7. Elect Interlocal Representative

8. Consent Agenda

A. Approve Minutes of June Board Meeting

B. Approve Warrants

C. Appoint Stephanie Girty as Board Clerk

D. Appoint Larry Gawith as Acting Clerk

E. Appoint Leesa Smith as Treasurer

F. Appoint Stephanie Girty as the KPERS Designated Agent

G. Appoint the Board Clerk (Stephanie Girty) as the Records Custodian

H. Appoint the Elementary Principal (Larry Gawith) as the Title I Director

I. Appoint Stephanie Girty as Determining Official to approve Free & Reduced Meal Applications

J. Appoint the Superintendent as the Food Service Hearing Official

K. Appoint Superintendent as the Federal Program Director

L. Appoint Superintendent as the Freedom of Information Officer

M. Appoint Superintendent as the Compliance Coordinator for Federal anti-discrimination laws including Title VI, Title VII, Title IX, ADA, and Section 504

N. Appoint Superintendent to establish utility bills, our due, and payable.

O. Appoint Emprise Bank as Depository of District Funds

P. Appoint the Building Principals as Truancy Officers

Q. Appoint Building Principals as Suspension/Expulsion Officers

R. Appoint Building Principals to Process Gate Receipts

S. Appoint Building Principals as Administrators of Activity Accounts

T. Appoint Stephanie Girty as the Food Service Representative

U. Approve Food Service Program Agreement

V. Appoint KASB as the School's Attorneys

W. Appoint the K-12 Counselor as the Coordinator of Homeless Children

X. Appoint the Butler County Times Gazzette as the School's Official Newspaper

Y. Waive Generally Accepted Principles of Accounting

Z. Authorize early payment of bills to avoid late penalties

-Establish Petty Cash Fund of $1500, and authorized users as Superintendent and Board Clerk

-Adopt the Following Resolution: "Be it resolved that all policy statements found in the minutes of the Board prior to June 30, 2017, be rescinded, and that the Board of Education adopt the policy manual (or written policies) as presented and recommended by the Superintendent of Schools."

-Adopt "Home Rule" Resolution

-Approve that the School Term will be on the Hourly Method

-Approve photo copies for patrons at $0.25 per copy

-Approve Substitute Teacher Pay at the Rate of $95.00 per day + lunch or $47.50 per half day, and Long Term Sub Pay (starting on the 11th Consecutive Day) rate at $120.00 per day + lunch

-Approve Driver's Education Fee at $175.00 for district students

9. Public Forum

A. Curtis Anderson - SBA Tele-Nurse Presentation

10. Items of Benefit to the District

11. Superintendent Report

A. Tour of Rosalia Facilities

12. Discussion/Action Items

A. Establish Meal Prices: Breakfast - K-6 $1.75, 7-12 $1.75, Adult $2.50; Lunch - K-6 $2.50, 7-12 $2.70, Adult $3.75; Additional Milk - $0.40. (action item)

B. Consider Student Fees (action item)

13. Executive Session

14. Action Items from Executive Session

15. Adjourn