Abigail Heater, who is 30 years old from Towanda, was in a car wreck Thursday afternoon and was rushed to Wesley Hospital after sustaining a head injury.

Butler County Sheriff Kelly Herzet said that Heater was found unconscious and bleeding when the Sheriff’s Department and Towanda Fire and Rescue arrived on the scene just north of the intersection of NW 10th and Diamond Rd. She lost control of her 1993 blue Ford Ranger on the right side of the road, tried to regain control, but instead rolled the truck while going across the road. No other vehicles were involved in the accident.

Herzet said she was ejected from the vehicle, at which point she suffered a head injury, and was found pinned underneath. The truck was towed away.

She was rushed to Wesley via ambulance as a Code Red. She’s now in stable condition, and her head injury might not be as bad as initially feared.