The El Dorado Board of Education honored two groups of people who were selected as prestigious presenters for recent conferences.

Middle School principal Karla King and Kirstie Towner, presented Navigate Your Way To Success at the NWEA Fusion National Conference. The topic involves gathering date on students to understand their skills sets and what they need to improve to be successful.

“We had a great time there and learned so many neat things,” King said. “Our presentation was supported really well.”

“The big theme at Fusion was helping all the kids, and we believe in our hearts that it does,” Towner said.

Julie Jensen and Doug Jensen gave a lecture at the International Society for Technology in Education in San Antonio; 20,000 people attended the conference. Their topic included what long-term change looks like for students in the district at a 1-to-1 level.

“It’s not only national, but you get people from around the world,” Doug said.

Check Thursday’s Times-Gazette for more from Monday’s meeting.