Butler County GIS Director Pam Dunham met with the board of county commissioners at the meeting on Tuesday, June 27 to request renewing ESRI software maintenance for 2017.

ESRI software is mapping and spatial data analytics technology used by the county's GIS (geographic information systems) department. The board of commissioners approved the renewal of ESRI software maintenance in the amount of $14,900.

Next, Department on Aging Director Crystal Noles brought three items of business before the county commission. The first was a Senior Care Act Contract for FY2018 between Butler County Department on Aging (BCDOA) and Central Plains Area Agency on Aging (CPAAA).

"Our annual contract for Butler County Department on Aging [is] to provide Senior Care Act case management and assessment services for the Central Plains Area Agency on Aging, which covers Butler, Sedgwick and Harvey Counties. We've always done these assessments. We haven't always done case management, but that's a new part of the contract that we've started in this last year that the state is allowing us to do by having this contract in place," Noles said.

Noles' second item was Senior Care Act match provisions for Butler, Sedgwick, and Harvey Counties payable to CPAAA.

"This is a formal agreement between Butler County, Sedgwick County and Harvey County to pay their portion of match for the Senior Care Act program. The Senior Care Act program is a state-funded program. It comes from community block grants. The money all flows into the Central Plains Area Agency on Aging, which is also Sedgwick County Department on Aging. They're responsible for making sure that clients are served in the three counties with that money," Noles said.

The third item Noles presented was a service contract between BCDOA and the Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital for transportation services.

"This would allow for us to, three days a week, provide transportation from all over Butler County into El Dorado twice a day," Noles said.

The board of commissioners approved the first two items that Noles brought to the board. Her third item was tabled until the hospital and the department on aging have reached final contract form and the hospital is ready to proceed with the contract.

Then, Public Works Director and County Engineer Darryl Lutz brought three items of business before the board of commissioners. The first was a contract approval for culvert letting number 72. The board approved contracts with Klaver Construction Co., Inc. of Kingman for the construction of 10 reinforced concrete box structures throughout Butler County in the total, low-bid amount of $429,936.62 and authorized chairman Jeff Masterson to sign.

Lutz's second item was a bid award for public works motor graders.

"Last week, the county commission received and opened sealed bids for the purchase of two motor graders – replacing two existing motor graders in our fleet," Lutz said.

The board of commissioners awarded the bid to Murphy Tractor for two John Deere GP772 motor graders at a total delivered price of $536,771.70.

The third item Lutz brought to the county commission was a pipe culvert bid opening. Four bids were opened, and the board moved to accept them and directed staff to tabulate and come back with a recommendation.

After the board of commissioners took a 10-minute break to tour the newly purchased 2017 Ford Transit ambulance used by Butler County Emergency Medical Services, Lutz offered a recommendation for the pipe culvert bid award. Following Lutz's recommendation, the board awarded the bid to Welborn Sales, Inc. of Salina at the low-bid amount of $15,014.72.

Before leaving the meeting, Lutz informed the board of commissioners that the Walnut River bridge project is officially starting construction now, and Haverhill Road is closed.

The board also held a budget work session led by Assistant County Administrator and Finance Director Ryan Adkison. The county commission will have three more budget-related meetings: July 11, 18 and 25. The 2018 budget is scheduled to be adopted at the July 25 meeting.

Before the meeting adjourned, the board of commissioners voted for Jefferson County Commissioner Richard Malm to be the National Association of Counties (NACo) representative of Kansas. Malm is the only candidate.