Monday night's City Council meeting

The Augusta City Council convened at 6 p.m. on Monday evening, with public hearings for several proposed resolutions authorizing condemnations at 7 p.m.
The first item of business on the agenda was approval of Ordinance No. 2120 to amend the Standard Traffic Ordinance, raising the minimum seatbelt fine from $10 to $30, as enacted by the Kansas Legislature.  Council members approved, 7-0.  Councilor Tom Leffler was absent.
Assistant City Manager Cody Sims presented an update on the condemnation process of a single-family residential structure and detached garage located at 1154 N. School St.  
Sims informed the council that a demolition permit had been pulled and all utilities capped and terminated at the location.  The structures have been razed and most of the debris has been removed.  
“The owner has been making progress and staff recommends giving the owner until July 17th,” Sims advised.
Council tabled any further action until the July 17th meeting.
A public hearing for the condemnation of a single-family residential structure at 1205 N. Hooper St. was opened and Travis Combes, the city’s Environmental Inspector, reported his findings at the property.
“A resolution (No. 2017-32) was sent to the owner and it was published in the paper.  The on-site inspection by the structural engineer noted concerns with the deteriorating floor framing, the foundation and the roof,” Combes advised.
The public hearing was closed and Council approved staff’s recommendation of the structure.
12th Street condemnation hearing draws discussion
A public hearing was conducted for the condemnation of a detached garage located at 244 E. 12th St.
The structural engineer’s report stated concerns with the deteriorating roof coverage and bowing of the walls.
David Miller, the owner of the property, was present and addressed the council.
“I know it’s old, but it can be fixed.  I have the materials, but haven’t had the time to get to it...I can put the roof on.  The structure is sound,” he stated.
“As far as fixing it, the owner will need to pull permits.  I do have concerns about anyone getting up on that roof, whether rebuilding or removing,” Combes advised.
City codes pertaining to owners and occupants of rental properties ensued before City Manager Josh Shaw explained that property being used for commercial purposes, such as rental property, are required to have certified contractors for replacement of roofs.
The hearing was closed and Council approved the proposed Resolution No. 2017-37 authorizing the condemnation of the garage at 244 E. 12th St.  The owner will have 30 days to make the property safe and secure.
Action on 347 E. Main St. property
In May of this year, the City Council approved the condemnation of a residential structure located at 347 E. Main St. Property owner Brian Prentice visited with council members and spoke to staff members about his planned efforts to refurbish/remodel the house.  
“No other progress has been made. Prentice’s contractor’s license and the building permits have expired.  More than six months had passed since the last inspection,” Sims said.
Sims also shared that the engineer noted concerns with cracks in the foundation and an open pit in the backyard, along with the deteriorating framing.
“I got a call from Mr. Prentice and he indicated to me that he has a contract with Randy
Following the closure of the hearing, Council members voted to approve Resolution No. 2017-38 authorizing the condemnation of the single-family residential structure at 347 E. Main St.
Also approved
A public hearing was also opened and closed on a garage structure at 1117 N. School St.  Resolution No. 2017-39 authorizing the condemnation of a detached garage at 1117 N. School St. was approved.