Carol Love, life enrichment director at LakePoint Skilled Nursing, retired Friday, June 30. A reception was held for her from 2 to 4 p.m. in the theater at LakePoint the same day.

Love has worked at LakePoint in El Dorado for 38 years, starting March 28, 1979. She first worked as kitchen help, when the facility was still called Knutson Manor. The name changed to LakePoint in September 1999. During Love's time at LakePoint, she took schooling, became a nurse aid and then transitioned into the role of life enrichment director.

"I couldn't work for a better bunch. I've made a lot of friends, and I've really enjoyed my time working here," Love said.

She has come away from LakePoint having shared moments of learning and friendship with the residents.

"If you work in a nursing home, you learn to love these little people like your own mother and father .... You know, you've got to be elder-oriented .... You see them and treat them like you would your own parents," Love said.

She is looking forward to her retirement.

"It's about that time, don't you think? You know, I've worked half my life, and I've got a husband who needs some extra care now – and we've got a few things left we'd like to do together," Love said.

She plans for her retirement to be a relaxing time with her husband.

"We're going to play it by ear – just see what comes up and what we do," Love said.

Bea Moore, housekeeping and laundry supervisor and maintenance staff, has worked at LakePoint for about 34 years and noticed Love's quality of character.

"[When she worked in the kitchen,] there were times that nobody would come in, and she did it all," Moore said.

Love's dedication to the residents at LakePoint was obvious to her co-workers.

"She went all out for these residents. I remember the floats we had – she put everything on them. I mean, she would do anything for these people here," Moore said.

Residents were grateful for Love and her selfless service.

"She's a very well-loved person for a lot of residents – in the past to now. She's done her very best for all the residents. And she's just a very outstanding person," Moore said.

The residents themselves verified Moore's statements.

"She's wonderful. Of course, she's always there when you need her. I just think she's a wonderful person – I really do. [She's] a hard worker," Evelyn Place, resident at LakePoint Skilled Nursing, said.

LakePoint residents and co-workers, along with other friends of Love's, filled the theater to celebrate her last day. Cupcakes and drinks were available. Guests could sign a big, yellow yard chair being given to Love and leave a card or gift for her if they wanted.