Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Director Chad Pore and Training Lieutenant Joe Menadue met with the Butler County Board of Commissioners at the meeting on Tuesday, June 27 to inform them of the EMS department recently earning the Silver Plus Recognition Award from the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association.

"They have a couple of criteria that you have to meet. The first criteria is the percent of 12-lead EKGs acquired. So, we have the capability of putting what we call a 12-lead on and basically looking at your heart – the electrical activity – from multiple different views, essentially. And we can identify, in the field, if you're having a heart attack or not .... For us, we have met that 100 percent on all of those patients last year. The second criteria is actually a little bit more challenging for us in Butler County, but it's first medical contact .... Our percentage was almost 80 percent, so we want to continue to work on that .... The 'plus' is just one additional criteria that not everybody meets. And that is, when we do 12-leads, how quick are we getting them? What percentage of 12-leads are we getting in 10 minutes or less? And for us, it was 90 percent of the time, we're getting them in 10 minutes or less," Pore said.

Afterward, Community Development Director David Alfaro brought Lynbrooke Sporting Clays' request for expansion to the board's attention.

Lynbrooke owners Richard and Nancy Christian are looking to sell Lynbrooke Sporting Clays, and the prospective buyers would like to expand the property by 1,000 yards for long-range rifle shooting. The Grahams, property owners to the west of Lynbrooke, were initially concerned about the request for expansion because their property is close to where the expanded area would be. Although, Lynbrooke doesn't shoot to the west, and 100 yards of the expanded range would be enclosed. Chris Steincamp with Depew Gillen Rathbun & McInteer L.C. represented the Grahams and claimed that the Lynbrooke property is too small for such an expansion to be safe in relation to neighboring property and nearby roads.

Alfaro said that the Christians, Grahams and their respective representatives met with the county planning commission June 6.

"After some lengthy discussion, the motion was made [by the planning commission] to deny the expansion of Lynbrooke Sporting Clays. It was approved four to two, with one abstention. Basically, what came out of that was the [planning] commission did recommend that the CUP [conditional use permit] as requested did not get approval from the board of county commissioners. And it needs to be noted, too, that because it was denied, for you to overturn it, it would require a super majority," Alfaro said.

The board of county commissioners followed the recommendation of the planning commission and denied the request for a CUP allowing for the expansion of the Lynbrooke Sporting Clays operation.

Next, Alfaro brought a zoning change request before the board.

"As noted, we did receive a request from Greene Brothers LTD who own a tract of land that contains 146, plus or minus, acres – located at 4999 Northwest Highway 77 in El Dorado. The property contains the house that is occupied by one of the Greenes, and he is hoping to change the zoning – which would allow him to carve out 40 acres that contains the house," Alfaro said.

The board of commissioners moved to approve the request for change in zoning from AG-80 to AG-40 and directed commission chairman Jeff Masterson to sign the resolution.

Then, Alfaro brought to the board a request for variance on property located at 12266 NW 90th St. in Whitewater. It would allow the placement of a single-wide mobile home on that property. Ruth Lappan, the property owner, would like to hire a farm hand and provide housing for the farm hand in the mobile home. The board of commissioners approved the request for variance.

Following the request for variance approval, Alfaro brought three lot split requests before the board. The first was a mortgage lot split with agricultural preservation overlay (APO) on property owned by Meribeth Buhr, located at 15320 NW 10th St. in Benton.

"As noted, we did receive the request from Miss Buhr for a lot split on nine, plus or minus, acres – with the placement of an APO on 31 acres, as the land is zoned AG-40. She does own a tract of land that contains 161 acres. The property is primarily used for farming activities and meets all the criteria for such a split," Alfaro said.

The second was a mortgage lot split with APO on property owned by McClure Brothers Farms, located at SW 180th St. in Douglass – which is zoned AG-40 and used primarily for farming activities.

"We did receive the request from McClure Brothers for the mortgage lot split .... They do own a tract of land that contains 69 acres. They're requesting to split five acres and place an APO on 35 acres," Alfaro said.

The third was a homestead lot split with APO for Delores Jennison on property located at 12242 SE 160th St. in Latham.

"As noted, we did receive the request from Miss Jennison ... requesting a five-acre homestead lot split with a 75-acre APO on the property. Since it is zoned AG-80, she owns 198, plus or minus, acres. She's proposing to split the house and five acres with a placement of the 75-acre APO. The property is used primarily for farming activities and, staff feels, meets the criteria for such a split," Alfaro said.

The board of commissioners approved all three lot split requests, and chairman Masterson signed the three APO agreements.

Before a five-minute break, Alfaro brought a business loan request from Defined Line Striping LLC to the board's attention.

"We did receive a request from Chris Burns and his wife, Stevie, proposing to start a business here in Butler County – a striping business with the name of Defined Line Striping LLC. We did receive this request from Chris and Stevie, as well as Eric Grooms and Ryan Wheeler with Community National Bank and Trust out of Augusta. As noted, the Burns are proposing to start a new business venture providing striping services for road projects across the State of Kansas," Alfaro said.

Community National Bank & Trust has agreed to loan Defined Line Striping $150,000 and are seeking a match of $100,000 from Butler County to fund a total project amount of $283,000. Funds will be used to purchase all equipment needed, as well as provide approximately $60,000 of working capital. The board of commissioners approved the business loan from the county.

After the break, Emergency Management Assistant Director Keri Korthals discussed with the board a Dam Music Festival contract between Butler County and Oasis Productions.

"This company has a contract with the Kansas Division of Wildlife and Parks to lease out the entire Walnut River camping area. So they have that entire space at the base of the dam .... As part of their contract with wildlife and parks, they are required to also provide adequate – to Kansas Wildlife and Parks satisfaction – provisions for public safety in that area, which is how we ended up getting involved with this organization. They are estimating upwards of having 20,000 people on-site in that concentrated area for those two days. And because they're doing not just music and alcohol sales, but they're also doing water events and things like that, they had concerns about the need for on-site medical, on-site law enforcement, on-site rescue – all that kind of stuff," Korthals said.

Oasis Productions approached the county late last year about providing the on-site medical, rescue and law enforcement. County Counselor Terry Huelskamp has since drafted a services agreement between Butler County and Oasis Productions explaining what the county agrees to provide and what expenses Oasis agrees to reimburse for the county.

"They are going to be paying back to the county 25,100 dollars – is what was negotiated. The contract, as written, that Terry provided provides for them to have to pay 20 percent up front before the concert happens, and then the rest of it afterwards," Korthals said.

The board of commissioners authorized chairman Masterson to sign the service agreement.