Danielle Chilcott of Leon and Penata Goossen of Potwin both helped kids ages 5 to 9 make the most of their fun day at the Butler County 4-H Ambassadors Detective Day camp Monday afternoon at the Community Building in El Dorado.

Chilcott and Goossen, both of whom have helped run 4-H camps and activities for a couple of years now, helped the kids start their day with a footprint path that formed a trail on a big piece of paper for a picture to put on the wall. The kids wrote their names on the paper, too.

There also were mini-games the kids got to play, which included a game where kids had to guess what was in color-covered balloons filled with random items like rice or gel. For another game, the kids were blindfolded and had to guess what the object was based on its smell.

The camp split into two groups. One group had story time as they listened to “Miss Nelson is Missing”. In keeping with the theme, they then worked on a craft related to the book.

The other group got to run around in an obstacle course.

In all, the camp is designed to peak kids’ interest in 4-H and prepare them for joining a 4-H club when they get older. The camp also emphasizes interaction with other kids