The Butler/Greenwood Medical Society has partnered with the Bradford Library to provide a collection of medical materials that have been screened by area doctors. In addition they have provided a list of websites, that can be found at, they would refer people to use.

The Butler/Greenwood County Medical Society (BGMS) is comprised of physicians from all over Butler and Greenwood Counties. The Society was formed in 1953.

Dr. Michael Rausch, MD, who is the president, had led several Medical Society discussions regarding a community project that would benefit the population. The MS members agreed they would like to do such a project - one that would have a good impact on people in both Counties.

Last year, Dr. Rausch saw a sign, across from Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital, asking people to donate to the Bradford Memorial Library Renovation Project. He began thinking about how BGMS could help, and a plan took shape in his mind.

BGMS could make a donation to that project and ask the Library Board to set aside a space for the Society. In this space (book shelf) the Society would provide recommended reading and resources for the medical field.

“There is so much mis-information about medicine on the Internet and in printed material, that the people need a source of medical information that is approved by medical professionals," Dr. Rausch said in a presentation to the Society.

They liked his idea, so physicians were asked to recommend books for the resource shelf and reliable Internet sites. The Society also voted to donate a sum to the Library Renovation Project and to purchase the recommended books.

The first set of physician-recommended books are in place on that designated bookshelf at Bradford Memorial, and the library has a link to the physician-recommended medical information sites, from the library's own web site.

Rausch, Christopher Bird, MD, the vice president, and the Society plan to purchase more books, and physicians are donating books from their own libraries. BGMS plans to replicate the "Bradford Memorial Initiative" in other libraries throughout Butler and Greenwood Counties.