After much consideration of the many options, the El Dorado City Commission finally approved of the name for the new disc golf course that is hopefully still on schedule to open before the Shrine Bowl at the end of July.

The name of the property itself has been named Legion Park, and the course has been named El Dorado Disc Golf Course at Legion Park.

“I think that’s a great name,” Mayor Vince Haines said during the discussion and approval at Monday’s meeting.

The contractor, SBS, is ready to start pouring the pathways, most of which will serve as the walking trail. T-boxes are poured and basket bases are settled into the concrete already. Baskets have not been placed yet, and signage around the course will be one of the final tasks in preparation for the opening. The course has been deemed a worthy challenge from the disc tees, but will have easier tees, as well.

No grand opening event has been scheduled officially.

The vandalism issue that continues to plague El Dorado already has spread to the unopened golf course. City Manager David Dillner, Commissioner Kendra Wilkinson and the City Board urged anyone in town who knows any information regarding the issue contact the police before more damage is done.

Check back later this week for more from Monday’s Commission meeting.