Director of Facilities Management Dan Ingalls met with the Butler County Board of Commissioners at the meeting on Tuesday, June 13 to award the bid for a chair lift at the county's east annex building. A chair lift system would help those who use wheelchairs.

The bid of $22,155.00 was awarded to Howard Distribution for the purchase and installation of the chair lift. In addition, the bid of $5,500 was awarded to Beran Concrete for the construction of an ADA accessible ramp to be installed on the south side of the east annex building. A total of $36,000 was budgeted for the project, including the concrete work for the ramp.

Before leaving the meeting, Ingalls mentioned that the lift will have battery backup in case of a power outage at the east annex building.

Next, Undersheriff Tony Wilhite brought an out-of-state travel request before the board of county commissioners. He explained that Don Currier, the Emergency Response Team (ERT) commander, is preparing to retire; Currier will need to be replaced by a new commander as soon as possible.

"We don't want to leave our team of 16 members in the lurch with no qualified leadership," Wilhite said.

In anticipation of Currier's retirement, Wilhite recommend sending a deputy to the Tactical Commanders Course in Westminister, Colo. for training to be the next ERT commander. Currier will stay in place as a mentor until it is determined that the new commander is fully competent to assume the role. The cost of this training is $595, plus meals at $35 per day for five days and a hotel stay at $105 per day for four days. Total cost is $1,190. The out-of-state travel request was approved by the board.

Later in the meeting, Public Works Director and County Engineer Darryl Lutz requested purchase approval for five 24-feet wide by 15-feet tall Bull portable litter fence units for the county landfill from Metta Technologies of Toledo, Ohio. The total delivered cost for the trash screens is $25,140 and would be paid for from the landfill capital improvements fund. The landfill uses the screens to catch blowing litter around the operating face of the landfill. The purchase was approved by the board of commissioners.

Before a five-minute break, Lutz gave the board an update in relation to bids that were opened last week for two single-axle dump trucks. He said he isn't ready for a purchase at this time.

After the break, the board of commissioners opened four sealed bids for culvert letting number 72, involving the construction of 10 reinforced concrete box structures throughout Butler County. They moved to accept the bids and recommended that public works staff evaluate, tabulate and bring back a recommendation.

The board of commissioners also held budget hearings with several departments during Tuesday's meeting. The budget hearings started the day before, on Monday, and continued through this morning. After all of the budget hearings concluded, the board discussed overviews from the hearings this morning as well. The public hearing and budget adoption is scheduled for July 18, after multiple work sessions leading up to it.