Forrest Rhodes, a member of the Butler Community College Foundation Grants Committee, presented the recipients of the 2017 Foundation Grants at the BCC Board of Trustees meeting on Tuesday, April 11.

"As I recall, we had about 130,000 [or] 115,000 dollars this year to distribute. And I had the selected seven recipients out of 15 or 16 applicants – so a lot of worthy applicants. Obviously, [we] couldn't fund all of them, but we're very happy with the ones that we were able to fund," Rhodes said.

Noreen Templin and Elena Allen were given grant money to convert the BOE 806 garage they've been teaching out of into a learning space. Katie Hasting was given funds to further the Student Financial Literacy Project. Tonya Johnston received money for classroom furniture in Rose Hill. Michelle Ruder was given grant money to convert the BETA Conference Room into a ZOOM Room. Jaime Sharp was given funds for a College Health equipment update. Troy Jellison received money for a bunker gear dryer. Kris Estes was given grant money to improve the Veterans Square public patio and memorial area.

During the standing reports segment of the meeting, Trustee Ron Engelbrecht gave the finance committee report.

"The revenue's tracking closely both to last year and the plan. Expenses are slightly below where they were last year, so there may be some reason for optimism that we've been a bit under the expense line," Engelbrecht said.

In the president's report, BCC President Kimberly Krull discussed the college's enrollment update.

"Spring end-of-term enrollment as of March 29th [was] really close to our target – 79,275 credit hours. We're 99.4 percent toward our goal of 79,710 credit hours for this semester and 99.9 percent to our goal when it comes to head count. We have 8,659 students and had planned on 8,664 – so we're just a couple off there. But, [we have] really strong enrollment and good goals. We're also working on summer day-one enrollment, and as of the end of March, we were about 40 percent toward our enrollment goal of credit hours and about 31 percent to our goal of 4,100 students for summer," Krull said.

Chief Information Security Officer Bill Young gave the board of trustees an update on the capital projects going on at the college. He said that they've been sending out requests for proposals (RFPs) and will probably be out to bid in the next couple weeks for a new wireless infrastructure on campus.

Later in the meeting, Young brought two topics for action to the board of trustees. Both of them were capital mill levy project purchases. The first was for single mode fiber optic cabling.

"As we move into the digital transformation pieces of this capital mill levy, the base layer – the foundational part of it – is the single mode fiber. We currently have multi-mode fiber that connects all the buildings here on campus that has been installed kind of intermittently over the last 30 years, and we've reached limitations that that technology has. So, the single mode fiber connection – once that's installed and we get the infrastructure behind it – that'll allow us to increase the bandwidth connectivity between buildings," Young said.

The board of trustees approved the bid from Wichita Electric Company, Inc. to do the cabling project for $309,737.37.

The second topic for action Young brought to the board was for a data storage, disaster recovery, data warehouse and data back-up solution. A bid from CDWG amounting to $1,025,001.93 was approved by the board of trustees for those purposes. While it is a capital mill levy project purchase, institutional funding will be the funding source for the services component of the purchase.

A third purchase was approved by the board to replace furniture in the East Residence Hall lobby. Furniture will be provided by LaForge's Office Supply, and the replacement will cost $35,580.08 from the student life fund.

The board of trustees also discussed the status of the Master Site and Facilities Plan.

"We don't have a recommendation to bring forward tonight yet. Last week, the capital projects team met to review the presentations from the four firms. We decided that our next step was to do reference checks, and I made reference calls on Thursday. And it's taken me, really, until this afternoon to get calls back, and I still am waiting on a couple of callbacks. But I think I'm at point now where I've got enough information accumulated," Krull said.

Krull and the capital projects team will continue to meet and will eventually bring forward a recommendation on which firm would be best for the plan.