Officer cleared of any charges

A response to the report of a dog attacking a neighbor’s dog on Thursday, has resulted in the death of dog and threats to local law enforcement.
Augusta’s animal control officer, accompanied by a patrol officer, responded to a call in the 1600 block of Cedar Dale, a mobile home park on Augusta’s east side on Thursday afternoon.  
Chief Tyler Brewer of the Augusta Department of Safety advised that the dog had been reported before for attacking another dog before and the animal control officer was intending to write a ticket.
“The animal control officer went to the screen door and the police officer stood off to the side.  The dog hit the door twice and the door popped open.  The animal control officer fell backwards off the porch and the dog lunged at him while he was on the ground,” Brewer added, “With the dog lunging in the air at the animal officer, the police officer saw the threat and shot the dog.”
The dog collapsed and died on the front porch.
“It’s still under investigation, but the eyewitness evidence corroborates the officers’ accounts.  Both officers were separated and interviewed and their statements indicate the shoot was legitimate,” Brewer stated.
 Brewer also advised that both officers feel bad that the situation occurred. They were performing their duty and had gone to the house to respond to a complaint.
The dog’s owner, Alan Fitzgerald is an Army veteran struggling with PTSD and the dog received service dog training.  Authorities also learned that the dog had attacked the owner’s nephew last year at the El Dorado Lake, resulting in severe facial injuries and the need for a number of stitches. 
Since the incident, the story has been covered by Wichita news outlets, and also gone viral on the internet.   Chief Brewer, the officers and the city’s mayor, have all received threats related to this incident. However, the threats received have been from out-of-state sources.