April 22, the celebration of “Earth Day” is fast approaching. Each year Butler County Farm Bureau Association sends representatives into classrooms across the county to teach students about the wonderful process of growing and harvesting plants. This wonderful lifecycle is the process that keeps all of us alive and brings joy to many.

Make an opportunity to teach a child to plant sometime during the next week. It may be planting a seed, bulb, or transplanting a small starter plant. Giving a young person the chance to bring a plant to life from a seed or bulb or watching a small plant flourish into a vibrant and productive part of a vegetable or flower garden will last far more than the fleeting moments the teaching process takes. A child will glimpse far into the future as they envision the growth of the plant. Following up and caring for a living being teaches children responsibility and brings them joys as they watch how their assistance to nature brings forth a bloom or food.

We are living in a society where even here in Butler County children are 3 or 4 generations removed from farm life. The daily rewards and toil, joys and heartbreaks of caring for plants and animals are experiences that may be attempted to replicate in video games and books, but the total experience is lost with hands and boots that stay dry and clean.

Look around this week. Do you know a child that might benefit from learning about the cycle of plants, from planting and nurturing, doing and dreaming? A few minutes and an inexpensive bag of seeds may sprout a lifetime love of growing and exploring. When we raise a generation of young people, our future leaders, with have an appreciation for the labor and love poured into producing food that feeds the world, we all benefit and succeed.

Finally, in your Earth Day celebrations, take a minute to thank a farmer or rancher for their hard work and dedicated effort placed in producing safe, wholesome, delicious, and nutritious food for your family and families around the county, nation, and world. Every Day is Earth Day on farms and ranches in Butler County!