Software renewals and Government Day discussed

During the County Commission meeting on Tuesday, March 28, Janice Powers, director of the health department, addressed the board of commissioners about an annual subscription renewal with Champ Software for five concurrent licenses to Nightingale Notes, from April 1, 2017, to March 31, 2018.
"I'm here today to present the invoice for our electronic medical record for the department. As you know, when we first entered in to this agreement, we purchased it for three years .... And we're at the end of that. We are connected to the health information exchange – and recently Web IC, which is the immunization registry," Powers said.
The cost of this for the annual subscription is $14,779, and Powers proposed to take that out of the general administration fund.
"Our contractual line item is for 200,000 [dollars]. 100,000 [dollars] goes to mental health. Last year, we spent 85,000 [dollars] out of it – just for our grants, which left us 15,000 [dollars]. I'm also going to request from KDHE [Kansas Department of Health and Environment] to pay a portion of that out of our preparedness fees. This has been done by another county in our region, and she was able to get 4,999 dollars towards it. So, I will work to get that much," Powers said.
The county has gradually paid more for this subscription over the years.
"The first year, we paid 12,055 dollars with a 10 percent discount. The second year, we paid 13,797 dollars with a 15 percent discount. And then, for 2016, it was 14,211 dollars with a 15 percent discount. So, it's a relatively minor increase .... It's about what all software does .... They've added a lot of new features to it, including a better billing component. They're still working on improving that. They've improved the calendar and scheduling access. So, they do improvements that they don't charge us for. They also have improvements that if we want to pay more for, we can. But we haven't chosen to do that," Powers said.
County commissioner Ed Myers inquired as to the possibility of a multi-year agreement for this subscription, as opposed to the single year option. Powers said that she and her department haven't proposed a multi-year agreement, but she said that could be an option in the future if the health department decides to continue with Nightingale Notes.
The board approved the payment to Champ Software for the annual subscription to Nightingale Notes.
 Also during the meeting, the board of commissioners approved a special event permit for Circle High School Cross Country Coach Gary Wartick to host meets and a summer camp on the dates of June 5 and 6, September 16 and October 3 and 12.
Mryna Rogers from Augusta discussed Butler County Government Day with the board during the meeting as well. The American Legion and the American Legion Auxiliary appointed her as chairwoman of Government Day for this year. The day was confirmed to be Tuesday, Oct. 10. Rogers suggested splitting the day for students; one group would visit the courthouse in the morning and switch in the afternoon with the second group that would have gone to the jail in the morning. County Administrator Will Johnson said that they'll play it by ear; depending on the number of students involved, they'll split the day if they need to.
During other items of business, the board of commissioners approved for Rock Creek Township Clerk Pat Doyle to be succeeded by new appointee Brandon Lewis.
Johnson also updated the board of commissioners on the Tallgrass Pony Express pipeline project in El Dorado. He said the pipe came in earlier than expected, so work on that project will start Monday, weather permitting.
Then, County Clerk Don Engels informed the board about the advanced voting process. He said advanced voting has already started, and he's expecting a low turnout for this election. Two voting machines are set up on the second floor of the historic courthouse in El Dorado. Engels estimated that there have been around 60 advanced voters at the courthouse so far. He added that there's currently no advanced voting available in Andover, but regular voting will be available at an election site there.
Before the meeting adjourned, Johnson notified the board of commissioners that Gayle Reiswig will be leaving her county position as clerk III in administration. Her last day was Thursday.
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