The Kansas Oil Museum in El Dorado has opened a new exhibit, the “Cabinet of Curiosities.”

It offers a look at some of the unusual items in the Oil Museum collection.

“Basically what it is is a collection of the weird, unique and just plain random from our collection,” said Ardath Lawson, Oil Museum museum educator and research librarian.

Some of the items don’t fit in any other exhibit or maybe they don’t have enough of something to create an exhibit just for it. These items have not been on display in a long time and some have never been on display at the museum.

The exhibit includes a ball and chain from the El Dorado jail and items from William Allen White that had been at the Bradford Memorial Library, including a number of things from China that are 200 to 500 years old, as well as a variety of other items.

There also is an interactive part of the exhibit.

“We just want to heighten the theme of exploration and discovery so there is a lot of hands-on in this exhibit,” Lawson continued.

That includes several items in the Wonder Cabinet people can pick up and look at with a magnifying glass, as well as an exhibit people can arrange themselves. There also is a “guess the object” section of the exhibit.

The exhibit is free and will be on display though April 30 at the museum, 383 E. Central Ave.