The El Dorado YMCA delivered dumbbells to El Dorado Middle School students on Friday.

"We were informed of all the [YMCA] branches getting new weights. So, we contacted the VP to find out if we had a need in the community .... So that was the start of it," Jessica Rall, El Dorado YMCA branch director, said.

The weights were well-received by the school.

"It's huge for them to benefit that to us. Our funding is limited, so anything we can get helps. And our weight room is better than a lot of schools because of stuff the Y donates. We have one of the better weight rooms compared to a lot of schools," Evan Hearn, physical development and P.E. teacher at El Dorado Middle School, said.

The YMCA is intentional about being involved with schools.

"We're doing Adopt a Class. So, once a week, we come here [to the middle school]. Evan said they could use more weights, and we're getting rid of these dumbbells. We already had a good relationship with them and wanted to continue that. We donated some to the fire department as well," John Grundy, senior program director at the El Dorado YMCA, said.