The El Dorado USD 490 Board of Education received an update on the project for the two new elementary schools Monday evening.

The district is going into pre-bid meetings today with contractors, then have demolition contractor meetings on Friday. They plan to break ground late March or early April, with the ground-breaking ceremony planned about the time of spring break.

The board saw a couple of changes to the plans, including a walking track at the new Blackmore Elementary that would be available to the public.

They also learned the owner of the house the purchased to have enough land to build Grandview Elementary has offered the district three paintings from her parents to hang in the new school.

Strategic Plan Timeline

Superintendent Sue Givens updated the board on the strategic plan timeline, which was postponed from their fifth Monday meeting that was cancelled.

She showed them the execution, monitoring and reporting process they will use on the plan this time, changing it from the administrative-heavy process last time.

There will be four disciplines of execution: focus on the wildly important goals; act on the lead measures; keep a compelling scorecard; and create a cadence of accountability.

In January, Givens assigned goal leaders to each of the wildly important goals, with no one leading more than two goal areas and a co-leader for each goal.

“I assigned those based upon people’s skill set and areas of expertise,” Givens said.

In February will be the goal team selection, with three to four members per team that could include staff and community.

The goals and leaders are:

• Staff retention and recruitment:

Kindergarten readiness – Trista Cuthbertson and Susan Holthaus

Science, technology, engineering, arts and math – Doug Jensen and Brandon Dial

Career and post-secondary – Julie Jensen and Kevin House

Recruitment – Kellen Adams and Lynda Sharp

Retention – Karla King and Lynda Sharp

• School climate:

Safety – Stan Ruff and Kurt Spivey

Culture – Chad Schuetz and Heath Elliott

• Communication:

Parents – Trista Cuthbertson and Kim Webb

Community – Chad Schuetz and Kim Webb

• Infrastructure:

Facilities – Kellen Adams and Kristy Lowrey

Capital equipment – Kristy Lowrey and Brett Remsberg

Givens said in February the gold teams will decide what the lead measure are, looking at what measures are currently in place that are good and what their goal is.

Then in March and April the lead measures will be approved by the administrative council and district leadership team.

“They will collect baseline measures for this year,” Givens said.

By April and May each of the teams will create a Web page that is linked to the district Web site and shows the goal.

“We’re really looking at shared leadership, so it is not directed from the superintendent’s office,” she said.

Givens said this is where she comes in to create a cadence of accountability.

In the first 30 days they will assign leaders; in 60 days they will determine and approve lead measures; and in 90 days they will create scorecards linked to the Web site and schedule the first quarterly goal leader meeting with the superintendent.

The annual timeline includes quarterly WIG team meetings, superintendent meetings and BOE reports; annual lead measure scorecard update; and annual WIG narrative summary report on June 18.

“I hope that what it does is get us closer to this mission statement and to our vision, but I also hope what it does is it stresses it is a lot more distributive than what we’ve done in the past,” Givens said.