Shelter located at Nazarene Church

First Church of the Nazarene and Butler Homeless Initiative are pleased to announce a Cold Weather Emergency Shelter will be opening in El Dorado.
There are several updates being made to the Nazarene Church basement to allow the space to safely accommodate up to eight homeless persons per night. The shelter will be open seven days a week from 9 p.m. until 7 a.m. during the cold season.  
The Cold Weather Shelter is a community effort. The support of El Dorado city staff, the El Dorado Police Department, Butler County Sheriff’s Department, and the El Dorado Fire Department has made the project possible. As a community effort the shelter will be staffed by volunteers. Church groups, civic groups, clubs and community members are being asked to volunteer. There will be four volunteer shifts each night with no fewer than two volunteers per shift and training will be provided to each volunteer.
Other community support has come in the way of a “pay it forward” type program offered by Jacob's Well. A customer can pay for a breakfast entree so that one of the shelter guests can have a hot breakfast after leaving the shelter. Along with the evening meals being offered at the Family Worship Center and other local churches there will be meals and a safe place to sleep during cold months when the temperature is below freezing.
The opening date will be determined by the number of volunteers committed to serving. A minimum of eight volunteers per night and a total of 56 per week are needed. If interested in serving as a volunteer, donating to the cost of a meal, or giving in some other way, contact Melody Gault at 316-250-0438 or