Weekly devotional

Many within the scientific world want us to believe that science has all the answers – answers to questions such as "How did we get here?" and "Where did the universe come from?" To quote one of the most well-known advocates for science and atheism, Richard Dawkins, “Science has the answers. Religion is a disease worse than small pox – religious faith is based on zero evidence.” True science requires experimentation, testing, observation and arrived truths that are based on facts, not theories. So why is any of this important? Proper science may be able to tell how something occurs or what may take place when we do x, y or z, but it cannot tell us why a thing exists or was made. This question is, and has always been, one of the pressing thoughts regarding our very purpose and existence here on earth. Science will never be able to provide that answer; only God the Creator can. Philosopher John Lennox explains in the following illustration:

“Imagine that my Aunt Matilda had baked a beautiful cake, and we take it along to be analyzed by a group of the world's top scientists. The nutrition scientists will tell us about the number of calories and its nutritional effect; the biochemists will inform us about the structure of the proteins, fats, etc.; the chemists, about the elements involved and their bonding; the physicists will analyze in terms of fundamental particles; and the mathematicians will no doubt offer us a set of elegant equations to describe the behavior of those particles. Suppose I now ask the assembled group of experts a final question: Why was the cake made? The grin on Aunt Matilda's face shows she knows the answer, for she made the cake, and she made it for a purpose. But all the scientists in the world will not be able to answer the question. Their disciplines, which can cope with questions about the nature and structure of the cake – that is, answering the 'how' questions – cannot answer the 'why' questions connected with the purpose for which the cake was made. In fact, the only way we shall ever get an answer is if Aunt Matilda reveals it to us." (God's Undertaker - Has science buried God? - p. 40,41).