Weekly column

September 10 is National Grandparent’s Day. I am fortunate enough to claim that I had the two best sets of grandparents a kid could ever ask for. My grandparents were very active people in my life. Summer days, I spent every single weekday with one of them. Sundays were spent eating dinner with my dad’s parents, which consisted of fried chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy. Even though I spent all that wonderful time with them, I still realize there are so many things about them that I never knew. For example, my mom’s parents told me a million different stories about how they met. It wasn’t until my grandpa was ill that he told me the true story, which was simply that my grandmother’s cousin, Dew Drop, set them up on a date. I guess he didn’t think that story was exciting enough, though I found the name “Dew Drop” to be incredibly interesting. I came across a document that had interview questions every child should ask their grandparents. In honor of National Grandparent’s Day, here is a list of 14 questions children can sit down with and ask their grandparents – or grandparents can write out the answers to share with their grandchildren later.

1. When and where were you born? Did you have brothers and sisters?

2. What kind of games did you play?

3. Did you have chores?

4. Did you have electricity, TV or a phone?

5. What did your house look like? Did you have to share a room?

6. What was school like? Did you play sports?

7. What was your favorite thing your mother made for dinner?

8. Did you get an allowance? How much? What did you spend it on?

9. Where did you meet your spouse?

10. Tell me about your wedding.

11. What was my mom/dad like growing up?

12. What was your favorite vacation?

13. Tell me about what you remember when I was born.

14. What do you wish you had known when you were younger?

What is the most important thing you think I need to know?

These are just a few examples to get the conversation started. I am sure these questions will lead to hours of discussion on other things as well. Give it a try. What a great way to spend some quality time with your grandkids and share some memories that they will cherish for a lifetime. I know I cherish every minute I spent with my own grandparents.