Weekly devotional

Hebrews 13:18 (KJV)

"Pray for us: for we trust we have a good conscience in all things, willing to live honestly."

Have you noticed that being honest and truthful has kind of gone out the window? It seems that people tell the truth only when it is a benefit to them. It may only be a part of the truth mixed with lies. Man has invented his own form of truth so that he can avoid the consequences of the real truth. In other words, if the whole truth was known, there would be some very serious consequences.

Yet, the Bible teaches that a Christian is to be truthful and honest before all men. It is simple: don't do anything that you may have to lie about later just so you can avoid the consequences. My mother was very clear on this subject. If I lied about something to avoid the consequences, and the truth came out – which it did – the consequences were worse.

Too many people in government feel that it is alright to lie. The public is left wondering who is really telling the truth. The public is left believing that all politicians lie. It is sad to say that even the President lies. The public has every right to ask who they believe.

There is another question that must be asked: "Can people believe me as a Christian?" That includes my family, my co-workers and people in general. "Am I an honest person?" I know that is a very tough question. It may be hard to answer.

It begins with being honest with yourself. Am I lying about certain things in my life? You know those things that have control of your life. You are telling yourself it isn't that bad and you can control it. Things happen to you, and you make excuses for these things. Look at yourself and say, "It is time to be honest with myself. I do need help. I am not in control."

Next, be honest before God. No one can lie to God. All things are open before Him. Stop pretending that God doesn't see or know what is happening. Just come before Him and say, "God, I need to be honest with myself and You." Tell Him the whole truth – because He knows it anyway. This is all part of being honest with yourself.

I believe that if we are honest with ourselves and God, we will be honest with others. There is nothing worse than a person who lies to themselves, God and others. When he or she tells you something, you wonder: is it just another lie or really the whole truth or half truth? So begin today by being honest with yourself, God and others.