First Mennonite Brethren Church in Wichita was rocked by bands Children 18:3 and Disciple on Thursday, Jan. 18. The concert was a late conclusion to Disciple's Long Live the Rebellion Tour 2017.

Punk rock trio Children 18:3 opened the show, calling the audience to get up on their feet and crowd the stage before ripping through their energetic set. The majority of the songs they played were from their most recent album titled Come In, though they played some material from previous releases as well. During the song "Cover Your Eyes," the crowd formed a circle pit while singer and lead guitarist David Hostetter yelled "She said run!" At one point in their performance, drummer Seth Hostetter set his cymbals on fire while playing. Suffice it to say, Children 18:3 puts on a show to remember.

Next up, the headliner, Disciple, took the stage. Being the bigger name of the two bands, Disciple had a significantly longer setlist. They played some newer songs, popular hits and even a couple classics from much earlier albums in their music catalog. The excitement in the crowd was literally palpable; a mosh pit broke out during multiple songs. After having finished over half of their set that evening, Disciple frontman Kevin Young gave a spiritual message about Jesus to the audience. Then, the hard rock group finished the night strong and even returned for a two-song encore with a solid drum solo to top it off.

The concert was a definite success, and attendees were able to stay afterward to meet some of the artists and get merchandise autographed.