The Kansas Oil Museum will be hosting two camps this summer

Openings still remain for the Kansas Oil Museum’s free 2017 summer camps, Technology Trails, July 18-21, and Heartland of Discovery, August 1-4. The Oil Museum is teaming up with Kansas Strong this year to offer these two fun camps introducing kids ages 8-12 to the exciting world of technology and discovery, from Native American times up to the modern day.
At Camp Technology Trails, July 18-21, kids will chart a course through history as they learn how people have used technology to adapt to their surroundings over time. From the earliest hunting technologies of the Paleoindians up to the modern-day space industry, the full timeline of human innovation is explored throughout the week. Kids will be able to make and test their own atltatls, experiment with pulleys and steam power, and even launch rockets.
During Heartland of Discovery, August 1-4, summer campers will learn about the science and history of discovery, including discoveries made right here in America's heartland. Participants in this camp will learn about tracking and orienteering, discover the uses of native prairie plants, explore the geology of Kansas through rocks and maps, and more.
Both camps are designed for ages 8-12, and run Tuesday through Wednesday, 10am-noon.  Thanks to generous sponsorships from the local community, each child can enroll in one camp free of charge, or in both camps for $25/per child.  For more information or to register for a spot, please call the museum at (316) 321-9333 or visit