Rex Cagle shares his passion

Rex Cagle of Augusta is passionate about his country and wants children to understand the  Declaration of Independence, the rule of law on which the greatest nation in history was founded.
“People don’t realize that what is contained in this document (The Declaration of Independence).  Everything that is in the Constitution is also in the Declaration.  One is a formal course and the other a final course,” Cagle explained, “It’s fascinating how they come together.”
When Cagle retired in 2007, he began his study of our country’s founding documents.  He spent four years putting together “The Declaration of Independence for Kids - How America Became a Free Country.”
 His intent on writing the book was to help children understand how important the document is important and what it has done for the freedom of America.
In addition to the wonderful subject, illustrations by Augusta’s own Bryan Clark, help tell the story and engage the readers.
“Bryan’s illustrations simply illuminates the words,” Cagle said.
The process was challenging, but the author admits that he learned a lot along the way.  In addition to Clark, he credits his family for a lot of support and Troy Nordman for advising him to put the book in verse form.
Cagle also credits his wife Kathy and their seven girls for seeing him through not only the completion of the book, but two serious illnesses during the writing and editing of the book.
The book is receiving great reviews and has even been suggested as curriculum for older students.
He shared, “It’s important to start instilling an interest in America’s founding at a young age.  Encouraging young people to learn about the Declaration of Independence is essential for the preservation of free government.
 The book can be purchased locally at Cooper Drug, 509 State St. in Augusta, or at Mennonite Press,
 Cagle and Clark expect to hold book signings in the near future.