Ribbon cutting and grand opening held

Tim Briggs and Nathan Payne became the new owners of JRS Rental & Sales, Inc. and moved the business to a new location in El Dorado the weekend of April 7. A ribbon cutting ceremony and open house on Thursday, April 13 commemorated the grand opening of JRS under a different roof and different ownership.
JRS deals in a variety of construction and yard equipment, and now it's located at 1734 W. 6th St. The business began over 20 years ago in El Dorado, and Bryan Patten was the previous owner.
"He's been doing it for a lot of years. He's been looking to step back and slow down for a little while," Briggs said.
Patten currently owns Patten Automotive in El Dorado. Briggs and Payne also own other businesses. Briggs owns Briggs Construction, Inc. in El Dorado, and Payne owns Whitetail Roofing, LLC in Augusta.
Due to the nature of their businesses, Briggs and Payne crossed paths with Patten multiple times when Patten was still the owner of JRS. Patten brought up the idea of selling the old JRS building and stepping away from the company about two years ago, and conversations between the three individuals led to the company's current state.
"Bryan's done well for himself, and he's getting older and is kind of on his way out. So we thought, 'Hey, here's an opportunity to get into a great business, and I think we can make it better,'" Briggs said.
Briggs and Payne will be focused on servicing the Butler County community.
"We want to service the community a little better. Bryan had two businesses he ran, so he was kind of split between the two .... We want to be available to the community as much as we can," Briggs said.
In about four to six weeks, JRS may also provide propane dispensing.
"We're still excited, and the business seems like it's working for us. Hopefully, it picks up when the weather gets better .... It's been raining some .... That can kind of make us or break us – the weather .... It's been exciting when people come in and rent stuff, and we've been getting compliments from people on customer service – which is real nice," Payne said.