New yoga studio in town

Connie Bourget and Jessica Dunegan recently opened a new business in downtown Augusta founded on their mutual love of  yoga.
As co-owners of Yoga State at 501 State St., they offer three levels of classes which will help anyone gain awareness, balance, relaxation and mental clarity.
“It’s not a religion, it’s a way of life,” said Bourget, who recently left a successful career as a financial advisor.
“If you can breathe - you can do yoga.  It’s for everyone regardless of age or flexibility,” she adds.
 That is an aspect that Bourget liked immediately when she began practicing yoga over 15 years ago.  When her mentor, Flora Rogers, a longtime yoga instructor, passed away in 2015, Connie assumed teaching Rogers’ Augusta yoga classes and continues to use Rogers as her inspiration.
Dunegan, a graphic designer and yoga instructor, was living in Austin, Texas, a couple of years ago when through an introduction by her aunt Darcy Herold of Augusta,  to Kyle Bourget from Augusta, who was living in Austin at the time.  Dunegan was obviously connected to Augusta having lived her as a child and having family here.
“Kyle and I hit it off immediately and here I am now.  It’s just all fallen into place,” she said, “When I met Connie, we just clicked.  It was so amazing that we both love yoga,” she said.
“Jessica is a fantastic instructor and graphic designer.  She designed our signs and all the business fliers and cards,” Bourget advised.
Both ladies are registered yoga instructors with more than 200 hours each of training.  They promote the benefits of yoga, which include improving flexibility and muscle strength; protects spine and perfects posture; increases energy and vitality and boosts immunity; releases stress, tension and anxiety; and increases mindfulness and inner balance.
Bourget added, “I want to stress that you don’t have to be flexible to enjoy yoga.  We can modify all the poses for anyone.  It’s fun and beneficial.”
Research shows that yoga offers  a variety of health benefits:
• Improves cardiovascuar health
• Curbs chronic neck and low-back pain
• Sharpens the brain
• Controls diabetes
• Staves off stress and anxiety
• Decreases depression
• Lowers risk of cancer
• Promotes positive self-perception
• Lengthens lifespan and youth
Yoga State offers Beginner classes at noon on Monday and Wednesday; Hatha classes on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday; Hatha Flow class on Thursday.  The classes are donation based with a $5 minimum.  All classes are one hour.
Anyone interested in yoga is invited to drop by the studio or contact Yoga State on Facebook.