Augusta's new graphics design business

After years of dabbling in graphic design, Augusta native Zach Cannady is finally realizing his dream of making money from his passion. Cannady, who just recently opened A Town Graphics at 311 State St. in Augusta, hopes to offer a safe, quality product to his hometown.
"A Town Graphics just opened up five days ago," said Cannady. "We're going to be focusing on custom screen printing. That will be our main deal. We'll do custom t-shirts, we'll offer vinyl cutting for signs, banners and we're going to offer promotional items like mugs, pens and stationary, all with custom logos and brands."
Cannady's main goal for his new business will be to help other businesses in the area with their branding.
"We want to work with all businesses and sports teams to take them up to the next level," he said. "Our goal is to brand everything possible so that businesses can really get their brand out there. Whenever someone sees that logo, we want them to know exactly who it belongs to."
Cannady first realized his talent for graphic design while still enrolled in school.
"I've always been intrigued by graphic design and screen printing," Cannady explained. "I first got involved with it while I was in high school. I won some awards for my work while I was there and I decided to pursue it in college. I went to college for graphic design and screen printing just became a part of that."
Cannady is already experienced in what owning a small business involves.
"I've been part of my family's business for as long as I can remember," Cannady said. "My family owns the Collision Center in Augusta. It's not like I don't like it and I don't want to be a part of that–I just wanted to do something that I am passionate about."
A Town Graphics will offer its customers a green way to screen print, too.
"I went to a training workshop in Shreveport, La., and learned the screen printing part of the business," Cannady explained. "I learned a lot about the different techniques and inks that could be used to make a quality product. The newest product that I learned about are the water-based inks. Most screen printing places won't work with the water-based inks because they're so new. Everybody is going green and that's what these types of inks are. All of our chemicals are green friendly. We want our products to be completely harmless to anyone that touches them. I just want to be sure that if a child puts their t-shirt in their mouths, there is no way anything coming off that ink will harm that child."
The new facility hopes to help local sports teams with custom t-shirts and uniforms as well.
"Our biggest customers will be local sports teams and businesses," he explained. "I'm in the middle of working out some deals with some of the local little league teams, now. I hope to close those deals and provide the teams with a quality product for a reasonable price."
The shop already is looking at some changes.
"Right now, we are open at our temporary facility at 311 State Street, but in March we will open at our new location and we will have a larger storefront. The new store will have several different kinds of t-shirts and other merchandise available so customers can just walk in and buy it. We'll have rhinestone cross shirts for women, t-shirts with funny sayings or even t-shirts with people's favorite thing  on them like motorcycles or classic cars.
His main concern is meeting the town's needs while keeping the business local.
"Opening A Town Graphics, the community itself will have a home town screen printing business," said Cannady. "Right now, we're having to outsource everything to a larger town. Everybody benefits from a small business. When someone buys something from a small town business, that entire profit stays within that town. I've always wanted to work in a small business–it's all I know. In the future, I hope to add jobs to the shop and I want to keep everything local. This way, the business will allow the town and my business to grow together. It will help everyone to have a facility like this close"
For more information on A Town Graphics, call 316-775-6266.