Ballistic vests for local police officers

With proceeds from this year’s fireworks sales and matching funds from the city, the Augusta Lions Club presented a $7,072.50 donation to the Augusta Department of Safety for the purchase of ballistic vests for local police officers.
The soft body armor has proved to be extremely effective against firearms, but has also helped protect officers from other potentially fatal situations.
The state-of-the-art materials make it possible for the vests to be lighter and more flexible, while still offereing increased protection.
Representatives from the Department of Safety, along with Augusta Mayor Kristey Williams, joined Lions members at the club’s annual picnic Tuesday evening at Reed Park.
Chuck Korte with the Lions Club presented the donation and Police Chief Tyler Brewer expressed the feelings of his department.
“The new vests will be worn at all times,” he said. “They are much more comfortable and cooler.  We will put them to use every minute, every hour, every day.  Thank you.”
Williams also thanked the Lions Club members for investing in the community.
“Please keep doing what you’re doing,” she said. “You are great community supporters and we appreciate all that you have done for Augusta.”
Public Safety Officer Linden Blank wore one of the ballistic vests, which  presented everyone an opportunity to examine the bullet proof vest.

The next fundraising event for the Augusta Lions Club will be Candy Day at the local Dillon’s store and Walmart on Oct. 11.  All proceeds from the candy sales will go to the KU Medical Center Ophthalmology Lab.

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