Andover’s soccer team can be fun to watch.

The Trojans know the game of soccer well; they make tough, skilled passes look routine, and they work together as one unit with ease.

“We’re not a big team. We aren’t exceptionally fast; we do have quick players, but we’re not a speed team,” head coach Chris Lemons said, “but one thing that I’m really really excited about is how technically sound our team is. Tons of individual players that know the game and have talent.”

One of those skilled players is senior Tommy Fiszel, who was a captain last year and will be this season, too. Fiszel makes the rest of the team go at the center-midfield position. And even though the Trojans went 10-4-2 last year, he still feels the Trojans can do better.

“Last year, as I saw our team, we didn’t have good team chemistry. Not many people stepped up, I honestly didn’t step up,” Fiszel said. “This year coming in, from my last three years, this could be one of the best teams we’ve had, team-chemistry wise.”

Behind Fiszel, Zach Shaw (Jr. ) will anchor the defensive line in the middle, with Christian Dell (Jr.) and Nathan Hammar (Soph.) on either outside spot. Bryce Kinsey is the Trojans’ senior goalie.

Senior Ean Fisher will join Fiszel at midfield, as will senior Isaac Sustar and junior Toby Hayde.

The biggest question mark for the Trojans will be figuring out who can be their go-to scorers at the forward positions. After losing some key players there, there will be plenty of opportunities for younger players to step up there.

“Seeing them kind of develop and step up is fantastic. Getting them kind of set in the system and being ready for the upcoming season has been great,” Lemons said of the younger players. “...As far as talent is concerned, we’ve got a pretty deep team, both varsity and JV. It’s just a matter of physically, if some of those players can step up and play at the varsity level.”