A look at Augusta's past

Because of rain soaked ground and bad conditions of buildings on the Hazlett Ranch, where the German POW camp had been housed, the place was condemned as a camp site by army officials.  After a meeting of county commissioners and men in charge of the prison camp, the county farm was leased as the prison camp.
Bill Stewart of Colorado Springs traded a ranch located between Colorado Springs and Canyon City to Mrs. Ford, owner of the local Augusta Hotel at 609-611 State St., for the hotel and an apartment property in Wichita.
Augustans were shocked to learn that Lt. Frank Gonzales had been killed in action in France.  He had made a remarkable record in the Army on the battlefields.  The local family had another son, Sgt. Sus Gonzales, in the European Theater of Operations.
The drought, hot weather and triple digits continued with several days of highs between 105 and 108 degrees.
Men elected to supervise and serve on the Augusta-El Dorado Water Association were Sam Robertson, vice president of the El Dorado refinery, H.E. McMillen, El Dorado city manager, J.W. Glass, Superintendent of Socony-Vacuum refinery, Justus O’Reilly, Superintendent of Skelly refinery, and R.J. Hayes, Augusta city manager.  The association would supervise the operation of the water pipe line to the Mulvane water beds.  The completion of the line was progressing and was expected to be finished in mid-September.
Local man Frank Cody, who was in the gravel business, reported finding a large bull buffalo skull in excellent condition complete with horns from the bed of the Walnut River.  It was found 6-7 feet beneath the surface.
The Augusta Cadets won first place at the National Twirling contest in Manhattan.  Members were Paulette Baum, jeanine Shryock, Kathleen Markley, Dixie Wisner, Judy Taylor, Candy Williams, and Jan Penland.
Lee Gish had been appointed acting principal at Lincoln Elementary School.
The City of Andover had acquired the old Andover State Bank building - a gift from the bank -  to be used as a community center.
Gordon School began a new term with Virginia McGowan teaching primary, Myrtle Kaiser, the upper grades, and Marilyn Bence was the new music teacher.
Sgt. Bob Church had resigned from the Augusta Department of Safety, Harold Forsythe had been hired as a patrolman, and Belinda Palmer as a dispatcher.
Local businessman Harold Mitchell, owner of Hilltop Appliances, had died at 50.
In its first month of operation, the Augusta Meals on Wheels served 180 meals.
Ethel and Roy Aitchison’s garden produced a 10 pound, 20 inch zucchini.
Garfield Elementary principal Bob McCalla treated students with good behavior by being their lunch time server.
Area firefighters fought winds up to 50 mph as they worked for more than 8 hours to extinguish a prairie fire in the Towanda district.
Warren Richardson of Augusta, immediate past chairman of the Butler County Eco Development Board, was saluted for his service and David Alfaro of Augusta, was elected vice chairman at a monthly meeting.
Two former WSU baseball team members who were currently major leaguers had enjoyed golfing at the Augusta Country Club.  Mike Lansing, Montreal Expos second baseman and Pat Mears, Minnesota Twins shortstop, were getting in some golf while the major league strike was on.
Almost 400 students enjoyed the Back-to-School dance held in the AHS commons area.