Reader disagrees with column about Rick Perry

Mr. Bush,
 I write to take strong disagreement with your biased, slanted article that appeared in today's Sunday Ardmoreite that was highly critical of the recent indictment of Texas governor Rick Perry. You skillfully slanted the facts to justify your conclusion that the Texas courts were corrupt.
I would respectfully point out for you:
1. The Austin District Attorney, a Democrat, entered a plea of guilty to DUI and was sentenced to 45 days in jail. She served 15.
This indicates that the local courts, not corrupt at all, handed out a severe sentence to a first offender.
2. Perry called on the D.A. to resign, which was a proper executive move. She refused. (There is no evidence whatsoever that she refused to resign because she feared Perry would appoint a Republican prosecutor. No doubt he would have, but there's no evidence to arrive at your conclusion.)
3. Perry then threatened to veto a statewide funding bill for a public integrity prosecution program if she didn't resign. I respectfully call on your fairness: how does one equate with the other? There are 277 prosecutors in Texas, and Perry chose to harm each and every one of them in addition to all Texans if one prosecutor refused his demand to resign. No doubt the Travis County grand jury looked at that. Sure enough, Perry vetoed the statewide funding bill and the grand jury convened and indicted him.
4. Write all you wish about Perry and his lawyers being so unconcerned about the abuse of power indictment that they "stopped for ice cream after court." Rest assured that the governor is concerned for reasons stated in this email. Shockingly, you even cite former House Republican whip Tom "The Hammer and former bug exterminator" Delay being indicted as another reason for your charge of corruptness in the Lone Star state and Travis County.
You are obviously a devout right-wing Republican, and I respect that. But as a respected publisher, I would think you'd strive for some semblance of fairness when you write an article like the one I'm referring to. Your readers deserve that on your part.

James Clark
Ardmore, Okla.