Funds go to scholarship fund for BCC welding program

After a tragic ATV accident claimed the life of Butler Community College welding student Jeremy Brown, his best friend, Seth Kelly took action and held a fundraiser to honor his friend.
"We are very thankful for the people who Butler Community College will be able to help with these scholarship funds," said Division of Career & Technical Education and Advanced Technology Dean Roberto Rodriguez. "It will help several students and Jeremy Brown will be remembered."
The fundraiser, a shooting competition, was held in June and welcomed 109 shooters its first year.
"So many of those who came had so much fun, I wouldn't be surprised if we doubled our numbers next year," said Chris Brown, Jeremy Brown's brother. "It wasn't just a bunch of guys standing around shooting guns either, it was a well organized competition."
The group donated $4,000 to the college to contribute to the scholarship fund and to set up a fund for the welding program.
"With the money, we will be distributing the annual scholarship starting next year," explained Development and Communications Coordinator Hayley Powers. "They (the group) would like the program fund to eventually be endowed, which happens when it reaches $10,000."
The group is already looking forward to the next event to be held in June of 2015.
"It was a very small scale this year, but it will grow," said Chris. Out of the 109 shooters, 15 to 20 were women. Some even shot more than once because it was fun. Hopefully more will join next year, but it was a great turnout."
The fundraiser was not just a place to shoot guns, either.
"We served lunch during the shooting and we held a steak dinner at the end of the night," said Janet Brown, Jeremy's mother. "We also held drawings for prizes and had t-shirts made."
"The t-shirts were screen-printed by GCI in El Dorado," said Chris. "They donated the screen printing and we had sponsors provide us with the shirts."
The community's concern for the Brown family has remained steady since the accident.
"When the accident first happened," explained Janet, "we had 147 people outside of his hospital room. With all that support, something good had to come out of it."

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